Impatiens Red SunPatiens® Annual Plant

Impatiens Red SunPatiens® Annual Plant

Blooms early and SO profusely, keeping you in color from late spring until frost!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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Plant Patent 17,708. Cultivar name: 'MISato FG1'

Forget about every other Impatiens in the world -- SunPatiens® is here to take over! Not only is this the most sun-tolerant Impatiens ever grown (by far!), it is also larger, bushier, and more floriferous than any other, with blooms that begin weeks sooner than others and keep going until frost. If you're looking for nonstop color for partial shade to full sun, SunPatiens® is exactly what you must have.

Most of us have gardens that wend their way in and out of sun, so creating a large edging with Impatiens has always been tricky. Hello, SunPatiens®! From the dry soil beneath trees to the blazing sun of noonday in August, these big, dense plants not only thrive, they flourish!

The blooms are larger, too, up to 3 inches across and very, very profuse. This is a plant that blooms from the bottom up, creating a solid ball of dazzling color. And it's a big ball, too -- expect SunPatiens® to reach 2 to 3 feet tall and 2 1/2 to 3 feet wide. All that vigor really shows!

Expect these rich red blooms to begin several weeks before other Impatiens have woken up in spring, and to continue nonstop through summer and fall. Only frost nips them back! You simply cannot find an all-around better Impatiens than SunPatiens®, and you must try all the bold colors: Lavender, Magenta, Orange, and White. You'll wonder what you ever did without SunPatiens® creating a bright ribbon of carefree color through your garden!

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