Made with botanical oils proven effective in controlling insects

Insect Control Spray (32 oz.)

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No poisons, harmful chemicals or toxic glues

Protect your plants, naturally
The all natural ingredients used in this Insect Control are a great alternative to the hazardous chemicals so commonly used. Its botanical oils are proven effective in controlling insects and make it safer for you to use both indoors and outdoors. Repels and kills aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, thrips, scales, leafhoppers and more on indoor and outdoor plants.

When spraying infected plants, it's important to spray where the bugs live, underneath the leaves. Concentrate your spraying on the undersides of the leaves and around the soil area for the most effective method of controlling insects. Ready to use 32 oz. trigger spray bottle.

  • Easy-to-use - Just spray and your problems go away
  • Long lasting and rain resistant
  • Family and pet friendly
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32 oz spray bottle
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