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Insecticidal Soap Concentrate 47%
Effective against both Insects and Mites

Insecticidal Soap Concentrate 47%

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16 ounce bottle creates 6 gallons of spray!

Created from 47% Potassium salts from plants, this potent natural formula kills pests on contact!
This soap kills mites and insect pests on contact, disrupting the function of their membranes and cells. It is composed of Potassium Salts from Plant Fatty Acids, creating a natural and organic solution that effectively kills pests on contact, yet does not harm plants, pets, or people. Safe for use indoors and outdoors, this organic formula is ideal for vegetable gardens and fruit plants. It is safe to spray your plants with this compound even up to harvest day!

Directions: Mix approximately 1 ounce of concentrate with 1 quart of water and apply it with a mister. Wet the plant thoroughly, being sure to wet the underside of the leaves. This formula works on contact, and pests will survive if they are not coated. Re-apply as needed, no more than twice per week. This 16-ounce bottle of concentrate yields 6 gallons of product.

This formula has proven effective against the following common pests: Adeligids, (Wooly aphids), aphids, lacegugs, mealybugs, mites, grashoppers, leafhoppers, scale insects, plant bugs, sawfly larvae (pear and rose slugs), psyllids, tent caterpillars, thrips, spider mites, earwigs and whitefly. Cannot ship to HI. 16 ounces.

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