Ivory Queen Hosta

Ivory Queen Hosta

Dreamy Teal-and-Cream Leaves!

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The old favorite Blue Ivory was an exceptional Hosta in its own right, and now its sport, Ivory Queen, has improved upon it by inverting the variegation. The cream-colored throats on these heart-shaped leaves really accent the blue-green margins perfectly. Ivory Queen is a brilliant choice for any shady spot. It will brighten up the shady border or woodland garden, it is small enough for the container, and the foliage is so phenomenal that is even a great specimen or cut flower!

These smooth, rubbery leaves arise profusely on symmetrical mounds about 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The mound of foliage continues to grow through summer, making an excellent cover for dying bulb foliage. Not to mention the ornamental quality of the big, perfectly-shaped, teal-and-cream leaves!

In midsummer, small purple flowers will arise on white-and-green scapes up to 24 inches high, adding another note of visual interest to the eye-catching foliage. The flowers aren't especially showy or long-lived, but in their tenure they provide the added bonus of attracting butterflies to your garden!

Ivory Queen is easy to care for, being resistant to heat, humidity, and a whole host of other conditions--just plant it in a well-drained, partly shaded spot, and it will do the rest! These enduring plants are even unfazed by urban pollution! Like most Hostas, their Achilles' heel can be slugs. Though the thick foliage is hard for slugs to eat, it is not yet slug proof. So if you start to see any holes in the leaves, put out some slug bait.

Space plants about 20 inches apart in well-drained, enriched soil, and keep them well-watered, particularly the first year, when they are getting established in their new home. Once established this Hosta becomes very vigorous and easy to care for, shrugging off heat, humidity and cold with equal tenacity! Zones 3-9.