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Japanese Beech Fern
Spreads but Never Invades!

Japanese Beech Fern

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Great for Dry Soils!

Evergreen in warm climates
Synonym: Thelypteris decursive-pinnata

The balance can sometimes be so delicate in the garden between "quick-spreading" and "out of control," so it's a relief to find a Fern that truly knows the meaning of restraint. The Japanese Beech Fern reaches about a foot high and two feet wide within a season or two. It WILL spread, forming large colonies, but because of its very short runners, it won't take off or take over! That's good coverage most gardeners are very grateful for -- long on color and beauty, short on maintenance!

These finely divided fronds are exquisitely beautiful, tapering to a point and held up and out for maximum showiness. They are a light celery-green, darkening over the summer but remaining green all winter in warmer climates. The sight of new pale green fronds uncurling against older deep green foliage is a dramatic one in spring!

Lush and dense, Japanese Beech Fern thrives in moist or dry soils, making it invaluable for water-sparing settings. Deer leave it alone, and its graceful arching form stands in lovely contrast to other textures and silhouettes in the shade, from mounding hosta to colorful coral bells. And its long, elegant fronds are ideal filler for indoor arrangements! Find a place in the woodland garden or shade border for this super-easy, beautiful groundcover this season. Zones 4-10.

Genus Phegopteris
Species decursive-pinnata
ItemForm 1-Quart
Zone 4 - 9
Habit Mound-shaped
PlantHeight 12 in - 24 in
PlantWidth 12 in - 18 in
AdditionalCharacteristics Easy Care Plants
FoliageColor Light Green
LightRequirements Part Shade, Shade
MoistureRequirements Dry, Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Deer Resistance, Heat Tolerant
SoilTolerance Clay, Normal,  loamy, Poor, Sandy
Uses Border, Foliage Interest, Outdoor
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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