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Ready to Harvest a Year Sooner than Others!

Jersey Supreme Hybrid Asparagus Plants

Pack of 20
Item # 50409-PK-20

Very adaptable to stresses from drought to unseasonable cold.

This all-male variety sets huge crops -- expect 10 pounds or more each year!
It's not called Supreme for nothing -- this Asparagus is tops for speed, big yields, and adaptability! You will love the delicious mid-sized green spears, not to mention appreciating their quick and robust growth!

Jersey Supreme is an all-male variety, so it concentrates all its energy on producing fruit rather than setting seed. This means enormous crops of succulent spears. Expect 10 pounds or more every year from this high performer! And it bears generously for at least 15 years!

Best of all, Jersey Supreme is ready for a full harvest just one year after planting. Most asparagus do best when only a few spears are picked the second year -- they produce their first full "harvestable" crop the third year. Not Jersey Supreme, however! Gain a full year on other varieties with this super-vigorous variety!

You will find Jersey Supreme highly adaptable to stress as well. Short periods of drought do not faze it, nor unseasonable cold. It fares well in a wide range of soil types. You just can't go wrong with this one!

We sell very well-rooted bareroot plants, and it's important that you plant them as quickly as you can upon arrival, because dry or withered roots are a problem for asparagus. Prepare the soil well, adding plenty of organic matter and fertilizing with a well-balanced mixture such as 5-10-10. Asparagus has deep, spreading roots, so be sure the soil is well-worked. Space the plants about 1 1/2 feet apart and water well during growth. Fertilize twice annually (before new spring growth and right after harvest).

Cut no spears the first year, but harvest a big crop beginning the second year! And if you want white (blanched) asparagus, simply block out the light as the spears are forming by applying mulch on the plants. Zones 2-9.

Genus Asparagus
Variety Asparagus
Item Form Pack of 20
Zone 2 - 9
Additional Characteristics Edible
Restrictions Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Average Based on 2 Reviews Write a Review
Not male plants
Barb from Florida from FL wrote (February 05, 2014):
I submitted a review and it never posted; so here goes again. I bought these almost a year ago; Good news - all the plants grew. I planted in 2 dedicated raised beds, provided shading and followed the exact directions, didn't take any cuttings but most (maybe all) plants produced the red berries indicating they are female; Not what was sold and definitely disappointing. I am still hopeful that I will get a harvest this spring.
Great Roots
Jim from CA wrote (March 06, 2013):
Just received them and they were all beautiful roots - just great. Planted them the same day I received them.The company did their part now I will see if my not-so-green thumb did its part.
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