Jiffy Professional Tomato Greenhouse

Jiffy Professional Tomato Greenhouse

These peat pots swell up with water, creating a nicely aerated medium for seedling root growth.

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Convenience never paid off so handsomely! The Jiffy Professional Tomato Greenhouse is a seed-starter that uses the famous Jiffy peat pots to germinate seeds and grow seedlings to transplant size. It was designed for tomatoes, but works well with just about any flowering or vegetable seed. If you're looking for an economical and labor-saving method of starting your garden this year, the Jiffy Greenhouse eliminates thinning and transplanting seedlings indoors!

Containing 36 peat pots, the lightweight but sturdy greenhouse measures 21 inches wide, 10¾ inches long, and 4 inches high when the clear plastic dome is in place. As the seedlings grow tall, the dome can be removed. At transplant time, simply pop the peat pots out and set them into the ground! The plant's roots will grow through and out of the netting surrounding each pot.

Each peat pot is a flattened disk with a pre-drilled indentation for setting the seed. Moisten the disks and they swell to at least 3 inches high, keeping their shape thanks to the surrounding netting. The peat creates a porous, well-aerated medium for growth, that enables the young plants to form a good root system before transplanting into the garden. And because you water the pots from the base of the tray, the seeds won't wash away, and the water will wick upwards, encouraging roots to grow downwards rather than spiraling.

Jiffy has been a trusted name in seed-starting for many years, and this indoor greenhouse is economical and dependable. The peat pots can be replaced for several seasons of use. Give it a try this season! Great for kids, too.