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Jiffy Strips

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Quick and Economical Way to Grow Your Seedlings!

Jiffy is a trusted name in seed-starting, and these strips are biodegradable yet very tough.
Make seed starting or growing on your seedlings a snap with Jiffy Strips, the fiber pots designed to biodegrade upon being planted in the garden. Just fill them with potting soil, sow the seeds or transplant the seedlings, and keep the plants growing in good light and heat until it's time to transplant them into the garden.

Place the Jiffy Strips in a bottom tray to facilitate watering and place in a light stand for optimal growing conditions. Each pot stands 2 inches high and 1¾ inches wide, with enough room to grow on most seedlings for several weeks before spring transplant. The set contains 6 strips, each with six pots, for a total of 36 pots. This is just the right number to fill two 10 x 20-inch seed flats!

Very economical, Jiffy Strips are joined at the top for easier handling. At transplant time, just snip them apart and you're ready to go! Set of 6 strips (36 pots total).

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Jiffy Strips (Pack of 5)
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