Sow Seeds Evenly, Clean Gravel, and Sift Soil!

Joseph Bentley Garden Sieve with Interchangeable Meshes

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Comes with 2 sizes of mesh: 8mm and 10mm.

Fine craftsmanship from the best name in garden tools!
This garden sieve with 2 sizes of removable mesh filters is just what you need for sifting homemade compost and soil, cleaning gravel of impurities, and broadcasting direct-sow seeds over the garden. Best of all, it comes from fine old garden firm Joseph Bentley, maker of garden tools since 1895 and renowned for their sheer perfection!

The sieve is 14 inches in diameter, with sturdy wooden sides finished in a dark hue. The black steel meshes are 8mm and 10mm, respectively, and slip neatly in and out. A quick spray with the hose washes them clean. And instantly you have soil, compost, or gravel just the size you need, with no rocks or other debris!

Rely on Joseph Bentley garden tools for all your outdoor chores. From trowels to trugs, spades to daisy grubbers, these tools are made of the finest, longest-lasting materials and designed to perfection. Investing in good tools is one of the most economical and satisfying things you can do for your landscape. Fill your potting bench and garden shed with Joseph Bentley!

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