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Josephs Coat Red Threads
Easy To Grow - Beautiful To See!

Joseph's Coat Red Threads

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Make a wonderful edging for silver-leaved or pink-flowered plants in the garden!

Specially selected to bring out the delicate color of Schoene Helene and Verbena Peach!
Easy, easy to grow! Beautiful, beautiful to see -- rich black cherry color in fine needle-like leaves that contrast and fill in between other plants in a container or in the garden! They make a wonderful edging for silver-leaved, or pink-flowered plants in the garden, too. Likes well-drained soil, smiles at heat and humidity, takes drought well, and has no pests or diseases. 6 inches tall, eventually18 inches across. They need a well-drained soil or potting medium, and, though not picky as to fertility, they do perform best if a slow release fertilizer is added to the planting medium. Allow to dry between waterings.
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Genus 2 Alternanthera
Variety Red Threads
Item Form Pack of 6
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