Jute Cord

Jute Cord

Nature's Perfect Twine!

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It's been called the "golden fiber" for its many uses, and for us gardeners, jute cord is nothing less than an all-purpose garden supply that enables us to tie plants to vertical supports, mark straight rows, make pea and cucumber fences, and so much more! And the best part is that it's an all-natural vegetable fiber, made from an inexpensive and easy-to-grow plant, so we can buy jute by the case and then toss it into the composter or till it back into the soil at the end of the season!

Jute is supple yet strong, attractively "rustic" looking (for use wrapping presents or tying a bouquet of flowers, for instance) yet very inexpensive. You can use it to tie down a row cover and find it still strong and true, without fraying and degrading, after storms and frost and other environmental stress -- yet when you toss it onto the compost heap, it biodegrades entirely!

This ¼-inch-thick cord is perfect for just about any garden task you would otherwise use braided twine or twist-ties for. It's great to wrap up a gift, use as a hanging loop for garden tools, and thread through a wide-weave trellis to hold up young twining stems of climbing plants. Best of all, it comes right from Nature, without dying or processing: just cellulose, lignin, and other organic ingredients. Use it all over the vegetable garden, then till it under with all the plant matter at the end of the season!

A single roll contains 30 feet of jute cord. Pick up half a dozen and watch how fast they disappear from your pantry and potting bench!