Kelp Blast Natural Superfood - Single Packet

Kelp Blast Natural Superfood - Single Packet

Sustainably Harvested Norwegian Brown Kelp -- the Very Best!

Single Packet
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If you do nothing else for your soil this season, give it Kelp Blast. This 100% organic, sustainably-harvested Norwegian Brown Kelp is packed with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and growth enhancers your soil needs and your plants crave. Completely water soluble and easy to use (either right on the leaves of your plants or into the soil), it's the best thing you can do for the long-term health of your garden. Period!

Norwegian Brown Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) has everything your soil needs to improve its moisture-holding ability and increase aeration. This leads your plants' root systems to take off. It's also great as a foliar spray -- apply it right to the leaves of your young plants and watch them grow stronger, greener, and better-branched, with larger and more fruit and/or flowers. And because it's entirely natural and beneficial, you can apply it on vegetable and fruit crops right up to the day of harvest.

Kelp Blast is usually used in conjunction with the other Blast products for the garden, though it does not have to be. These are all 100% organic, OMRI-listed soil builders and plant foods designed to create the best garden of your life through a 4-step process:

#1 - Protect seeds and young plants with Myco Blast, a blend of natural soil microbes which acts as a biological root inoculant, helping your plants' roots to absorb water and nutrition while enriching the soil. Just 3 applications at the start of the growth season jump-starts the healthy growth of your plants!

#2 - Nourish the soil with Soil Blast, a mix of all-natural soil probiotics that optimizes the nutrition available in the soil, increasing plant vigor. Use once a week throughout the growing season.

#3 - Maximize flowering with super myco tea, a molasses-based compost tea alternative which helps break down natural debris into soil nutrients that boost your plants' bloom strength. Ready to use and so easy! Apply weekly during the bloom season.

#4 - Feed the garden all season long with Kelp Blast.

Make the most of your garden this season and for years to come by enriching the soil as you grow your favorite flowering plants, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. Kelp Blast is here to help you do it . . . and you'll simply love the results! Single packet, which makes 1 gallon of solution.