Kitchen Garden Box

Kitchen Garden Box

Fragrant Herbs and Edible Flowers!

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Here's your perfect gift for young and old, green and black thumbs alike! The Kitchen Garden Box is a charming little do-it-yourself kit that arrives in an egg carton-like box and contains everything you need to grow 6 types of herbs and edible flowers from seed. Who can resist? (Not us, that's for sure!)

Once you open this box, all you need to add is water and sunshine. Everything else is right here: 6 seed packets, coir disk for growing, wooden plant labels, simple instructions, and the egg carton tray. What a nice gift for a college student in a dorm, an office dweller (the seeds will germinate beautifully beneath those harsh fluorescents in the average office!), an urbanite, or a gardener confined to a condo or other garden-less location.

In this kit you get 6 types of herbs and edible flowers:

• Nasturtium - The perfect edible flower, with a peppery bite and a beautiful bright look. Forming a trailing or climbing plant, it grows quickly and easily in any sunny spot. Try it in a hanging basket!

• Flat-leaf Parsley - Ready in about 2 months and more nutritious than the curly-leaf type, this super-easy herb is so pretty that you may just want to put it in the annual bed. (Go ahead!)

• Thyme - So wonderfully fragrant! Finishes in 3 months, but you may be enjoying its beauty so much that you decide to let it flower instead of just cutting the foliage as needed for seasoning. Once you grow this thyme, we predict you will never be without it in the garden.

• Chives - The absolute easiest to grow, and fast too! Snip as needed for that pleasing oniony bite!

• Oregano - Another fragrant, pretty herb that you will enjoy snipping for use in cuisine, but may also be tempted to let go to flower. Handsome purple blooms attract butterflies and bees!

• Genovese Basil - This is the big-leafed Italian type, bold in flavor and bushy in growth. One pot tends to lead to another when it comes to basil, and there are wonderful flavors and looks out there to explore once the basic Italian type has been mastered!

What we love about this Kitchen Garden Box is not only its value and usefulness, but the promise it holds of future gardening adventures. First-time seed starters will discover how easy this process really is, and new herb growers will find a few favorites and probably want to continue the garden next year. Consider this gift a promise for the future as well as a delightful surprise for right now!