Kozy Coats Insulating Plant Protector

Kozy Coats Insulating Plant Protector

Grow Bigger, Healthier Plants without Fertilizers and Feeds!

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If you had an expensive greenhouse, you couldn't get better insulation or more effective protection for your young plants than with simple, economical Kozy Coats! These UV-resistant plastic teepees fit around the plant, and when you fill their 18 hollow tubes with water, they are warmed by the sun, releasing much-needed heat to your plant while keeping it safe from spring winds, rains, and unseasonable frost!

Just imagine -- you no longer need live in fear of the weather report, but can set your tomatoes, peppers, and flowering plants out weeks earlier, each protected by its own Kozy Coat! The red tint of the plastic produces stockier plants sooner than ever before, without chemicals or expensive soil amendments!

And when the weather warms up for good, just drain the Kozy Coats and fold them up for flat storage. They're that simple! Set of 3.

Dimensions:18 inches tall and when filled with water 12 inches in diameter on the inside.