Lacrosse Shasta Daisy

Lacrosse Shasta Daisy

The Earliest Daisies Yet!

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If you have ever wished your Shasta Daisies would hurry up and bloom, Lacrosse is the variety you've been waiting for! By far the earliest to flower, it is a dwarf plant with a canopy of gorgeous daisies beginning weeks ahead of all others!

With the first breath of hot summer weather (which usually occurs in late spring), Lacrosse is setting buds, and before you know it, masses of bright, cheery daisies have opened! A great companion to roses, peonies, and other early summer bloomers, these yellow-and-white beauties are wonderfully long-lasting in garden or vase. In fact, they make such a good partner to other cut-flowers that you may want to sneak an extra Lacrosse or two into the sunny garden just for cutting.

Lacrosse reaches only 10 to 12 inches high and up to 18 inches wide, but it produces enough blooms to behave like a far larger plant. (Dwarf in stature only!) And here's an interesting feature: the long, slender white petals are outstretched flat in warm weather, but quill or roll under in cooler! So you can have two looks from Lacrosse, not to mention a natural garden weathervane!

This plant has a neat, tight, very well-branched habit with dark green foliage and thick flowerstems. Use Lacrosse in flowerpots of all kinds, as well as in the border or as edging along garden paths, the foundation, the driveway, and other sunny spots. Give it plenty of sunshine and water, and let Lacrosse do the rest! Zones 4-8.