Lady Anna Peony

Lady Anna Peony

Fragrant, Double 5-inch Blooms!

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If you love heirloom plants, Lady Anna is the peony that has been waiting for you. This beautiful mauve-pink "bomb" was introduced in France in 1856, and has been grown continuously ever since. Its combination of color, flower form, size, and fragrance are simply amazing.

Lady Anna's blooms are giant, frilly, petal-packed marvels in the style known as the bomb: masses of short, ruffled, frilly petals toward the center of the plant, surrounded by larger, flatter exterior petals. The color ranges from light purple to mauve and antique pink -- an unusual, very feminine, beautiful blend of pastel and watercolor tones. And these flowers pack a wallop, reaching 5 inches wide and lasting for several weeks after cutting!

A late bloomer, Lady Anna begins in late spring only in the southern regions of its hardiness zones, waiting until early summer elsewhere. Plump buds arise several weeks before the blooms open, adding to the ornamental beauty of this vigorous, well-branched 3-foot plant. Hardy right through zone 2 in the north, this is a robust perennial, able to withstand extreme temperatures. It will bloom for many decades where it is content.

Many modern peonies have little to no fragrance, which is yet another reason Lady Anna is such a marvel. The scent is not overpowering, but it is refreshing, sweet, and lilting, quite noticeable in a closed room and borne along the breeze in the garden.

If you are new to the joy of Peonies, you will be amazed at their merits! First, they are exceptionally carefree once established. One of the longest-lived perennials, a single plant can last for generations.

Second, their phenol content makes them unappetizing to insects, rabbits, and even deer.

Third, they offer 3 seasons of color: reddish spring foliage, bright late spring and early summer blooms; and bronze or purple fall tones.

Fourth, they are equally suited for garden or vase, offering old-fashioned charm plus armloads of blooms. Very long-lived after cutting, the flowers can even be used as everlastings.

Peonies are a nice garden "bridge" plant, looking something like a perennial and something like a shrub. Set in front of large shrubs or trees, they make a big splash of color without occupying a lot of space.

Traditional companions to Peonies are spring-and summer-flowering bulbs, blue- and white-flowered perennials, flowering shrubs such as Azaleas, and ornamental grasses. Zones 2-7.