Lemon Fizz™ Kolorscape ® Rose

Lemon Fizz™ Kolorscape ® Rose

Bright, Bubbly, and Blackspot-Free!

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Celebrate the sun with the lightest and brightest in the Kolorscape® series of shrub roses from our friends at Kordes in Germany. Lemon Fizz™ sets never-ending waves of bright, lemon yellow blooms from the arrival of warm weather all the way up until hard frost! And this shrub laughs at blackspot, mildew, rust, and botrytis, staying green and vigorous three seasons a year!

Thanks to its self-cleaning ability, Lemon Fizz™ is a delightfully low-maintenance option for the landscape. The flowers, 3 to 4 inches wide and a brilliant canary shade of yellow, come in great waves, lightly fragrant and very eye-catching. The shrub is just 3 feet high and wide, so it stays neat and absolutely blanketed in color!

And then there's the foliage, glossy green and so profuse! When a rose is resistant to all major foliar diseases the way Lemon Fizz™ is, it keeps its beautiful leaves right up to frost! What a different and very welcome look for the rose border!

Because Lemon Fizz™ was bred in northern Europe with no growth regulators, it is naturally vigorous and very cold-hardy. If you live on the edge of its hardiness range, plant it with confidence. This is a rose that can take heat, cold, and tough environmental stresses. How we love the Kolorscapes®! You will too . . . Hardy in zones 5 to 9.