Lemon Lights Rhododendron

Lemon Lights Rhododendron

Bud-hardy to -45 degrees F!

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Giant bouquets of 18 to 30 flowers decorate this beautifully rounded, dense deciduous azalea in mid-spring, appearing before the foliage and remaining for several weeks. A gloriously fragrant, free-flowering variety developed as part of the Northern Lights series of cold-hardy Rhododendrons, 'Lemon Lights' has the ability to transform your sunny to partly shaded landscape twice a year!

The trumpet-shaped blooms are pale yellow with a darker yellow blotch, very showy and tightly packed into big rounded trusses. Sweet-scented, they fill the mid-spring garden with the promise of another glorious growing season. As they mature, the slender mid-green foliage begins to fill in, quickly becoming quite lush and dense.

After the spring blooms, 'Lemon Lights' remains green and beautiful through summer, then turns purple in autumn before dropping its leaves for winter. This second season of beauty sets 'Lemon Lights' apart from many Rhodies, adding to its appeal.

But the major draw of this lovely interspecific hybrid is its cold hardiness. Bud-hardy to temperatures of -30 to -45 degrees F, it is suitable for all climates in zone 4. Mulch it in well, both to offer good temperature stability and to ensure that its roots are undisturbed, and select a site with excellent drainage and acidic soil. Keep the soil well-fed and rich for best growth and flowering.

A natural slow grower, 'Lemon Lights' reaches 5 feet high and wide, and blooms for decades. It has an upright, somewhat rounded habit, multi-stemmed and very well filled with flowering branches. A superb performer, its yellow blooms and strong fragrance set it apart from many other Rhododendrons. It is a treasure for the foundation, as a hedge, or in the border. Zones 4-8. Cannot ship to WA.