Little Quick Fire™ Hydrangea

Little Quick Fire™ Hydrangea

Long, fluffy flowerheads dominate the shrub!

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Plant Patent Applied For. cultivar name:'SMHPLQF'.

One of the first paniculatas to bloom, this Proven Winners®/Color Choice® variety is remarkable for its diminutive frame and its fluffy flower spikes, the white florets accented with deep carmine tones, regardless of soil pH! With blooms on old and new wood alike over a long season, this is a little workhorse in the cutting garden!

Little Quick Fire™ is a gardener's dream come true. This very vigorous, lovely shrub sets masses of white-to-rosy-pink flowers at the first breath of hot weather, and continues the show through summer and into fall. Our gardens could all use an extra 4 to 5 weeks of color, and that's exactly what it delivers -- even in areas with cold winters and late spring frosts!

These large, loosely-held blooms open creamy-white, then quickly turn a deep rosy-pink that is a bit unusual in hue and very eye-catching. Their color isn't affected by soil pH, so you can plant Little Quick Fire™ alongside your blue H. macrophyllas in acidic soil and still be assured of rosy blooms. And since this Hydrangea flowers on new wood, they will continue to arise even late in the season -- a real boon for those of us in climates prone to late-spring frosts that kill the buds of our Hydrangeas!

Little Quick Fire™ is a compact German introduction, topping out at 3 to 5 feet high and wide at maturity. It thrives in full sun in all but the very hottest climates, and grows quickly. Treat yourself to an extra month of fine color with this exciting new introduction! Zones 4-8.

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