Lo & Behold™ Blue Chip Butterfly Bush
Less than 2 Feet Tall and Wide

Lo & Behold™ Blue Chip Butterfly Bush

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The first-ever mini Buddleia!

Blooms continuously (rather than in waves) and never needs deadheading.
Genus 2 Buddleia
Species davidii
Variety Lo and Behold™ 'Blue Chip'
ppaf PP#19,991
Item Form 2-Quart
Zone 5 - 9
Bloom Start To End Early Summer - Mid Fall
Habit Dwarf
Plant Height 24 in
Plant Width 24 in
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Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Washington
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Buddleia Lo & Behold
Asheville landscape architect from NC wrote (August 05, 2013):
Love this shrub for its continuous bloom and overall shape, BUT, like B. 'White Ball', it is definitely not dwarf. Most I have seen, after 3-4 years, are at least 4 ft. high and wide. Maybe they need to be planted in really poor sandy soil to stay at 20 inches.
Really Beautiful Flower!!!! Must See It To Believe It!!!!
Kathy from MD wrote (May 07, 2012):
I purchased this flower approximately 2 years ago. They grow really quickly. I planted 3 of these around my lamp post and they are so beautiful and they are maintenance free! I plan to purchase more!

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