Luminara® Flame-Effect Candles

Luminara® Flame-Effect Candles

This Fragrant Flame Flickers but Never Burns!

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Create an ambiance of soft, romantic candlelight without actually burning any wax when you use Luminara®! This vanilla-scented pillar "candle" uses an LED light for a flickering candlelight effect without any heat or safety concerns. Great for use around chocolate (and other foods that melt!), houseplants, and flammable materials. Luminara® brings you all the fun of candlelight with none of the heat or danger!

This pillar candle is 3 inches in diameter, with a very realistic creamy color. The wick moves erratically, perfectly mimicking the effect of a flickering candle, and is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). When the candle is activated, it releases a gentle vanilla aroma, completing the pleasant, relaxed ambiance. Perfect for the holidays, intimate gatherings, meetings, and more!

You will love not having to worry about this candle blowing out every time someone opens the door. You can set it among flowering plants or under the holiday tree without fear of anything becoming too hot, scorching, or catching fire. Ideal for people who live in dorm rooms, on boats, or in other settings where open flames are not permitted!

The LED light is energy efficient and very realistic. You will love having the beauty of a real candle without any of the trouble! Makes a lovely gift, too!