Luna™ Mix Rose Mallow Seeds

Luna™ Mix Rose Mallow Seeds

Blooms the First Year from Seed!

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The first Rose Mallow to bloom from seed THE FIRST YEAR -- no more waiting around for those huge, lovely blooms! And what a terrific variety it is, with 8-inch flowers that swirl open each morning in luscious shades of red, rose, white, and a swirl of lilac-pink-white. Altogether an easy and very, very heavy-blooming sun-lover, it is icing on the cake that this native perennial is beloved by hummingbirds and shunned by deer!

These flowers are the size of dinner plates, and they almost hide the foliage at the height of bloom season, crowding onto well-branched but compact plants just 2 to 3 feet tall and about 2 feet wide. Expect the first buds to unfurl in midsummer, followed by dozens more before the season ends in late fall. In this mix you get all 4 Luna® colors: 3 solids (white, rose, and red) and the fascinating Pink Swirl, with petals that resemble the blades of a fan!

Luna™ gleams in the late afternoon and twilight garden. It will put you in mind of the luna moth it was named for, and is an excellent choice near the patio or deck where evening entertaining occurs.

This Hibiscus likes very moist, even wet soils, growing happily at water's edge. During dry spells give it extra moisture as needed to keep the flowers coming. Beyond this, it is virtually carefree. Zones 5-10. Pkt is 5 seeds.