Magical® Flame Hydrangea

Magical® Flame Hydrangea

Blooms Change from Creamy White to Blazing Burgundy!

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Time for a new Hydrangea (or 4)? The mopheads (H. macrophylla) are all lovely, but what about something a bit different . . . that takes more sun and blooms earlier than all the rest? And, just to ice the cake, fits into a container for the deck? Say hello to Magical® Flame!

This super-compact, brilliantly blooming shrub is a Hydrangea paniculata, the most sun-tolerant of all. Its blooms arise in cone-shaped clusters beginning in late spring, several weeks before others are even in bud! They open creamy-white, then quickly turn pink. Before summer is in full swing, the pink is darkening, and it passes through all stages of red before settling on a blazing burgundy!

Magical® Flame simply covers itself with flowers, which is great because you will want to pick some for the vase while leaving plenty on the shrub for butterflies and humans to enjoy. These blooms last a long time, and are excellent when dried as everlastings, too. Some of the color leaches, creating an antique red effect. Magnificent!

Just 3 to 4 feet high and wide, Magical® Flame has enough color and oomph to serve as a specimen (solitary) planting in the front yard as well as a border choice and a container piece. It tolerates partial shade as well as full sun, especially in the south and west, and all it needs is good soil drainage and plenty of water all season. The flowers continue well into fall, making it truly a three-season shrub.

Very low maintenance, this Hydrangea needs no pruning. Its leaves will fall in late autumn, only to uncurl bright and green again next spring. What an easy, beautiful, long-lived addition to your landscape! We suggest getting two, so you can use one primarily for cutflowers! Magical® Flame is just that addictive! Zones 4-9.