Magnus Coneflower

Magnus Coneflower

Neon-Bright Rays Open Wide to Say Hi!

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Irresistible to butterflies, long-blooming, ultra-colorful, and carefree -- what could be more delightful than a large stand of brilliant Magnus? It was the Perennial Plant Association's Plant of the Year, and one look at these big, hot-pink blooms will tell you why!

The petals are held nearly straight out from the bloom, instead of bent back like many other Coneflowers, giving Magnus more color on every giant bloom. And there are simply so many blooms -- they begin in late spring and continue into fall! When they finally do pass, be sure to let the birds feast on the huge mahogany-brown coneheads, or harvest them for dried arrangements.

Carefree in any sunny spot, these drought-tolerant plants reach 3½ feet tall, tolerating light shade though best in the blazing heat. Bearing literally hundreds of blooms over its many months of color, Magnus is a garden workhorse, yet looks so efffortless and lush in the sunny bed or border!

Magnus withstands the worst heat and dry weather that summer has to offer. The flowers are also superb in the vase--if you can tear them away from the butterflies, that is! A natural treasure, this classic variety belongs in every garden with space for plenty of colorful, long-lasting blooms! Zones 3-8.