Maiden America Phlox

Maiden America Phlox

An Autumn Bloomer!

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Plant Patent Applied For. Cultivar name: 'Jordan Schuster'

Everything about this Hardy Garden Phlox is a little bit different. First, it blooms in fall, much later than most others. Second, its flower stems branch from the central stem of the plant, creating a dense canopy of pink-and-white beauty. You will love this exceptional perennial in the sunny border.

Maiden America sets masses of pink and white blooms above the fresh green foliage. The flowerheads are rounded, like heaping scoops of ice cream, and mound over one another in a giant display of color. Expect the blooms in early fall, after other Phlox paniculata varieties have given it up for the season!

Yet despite the big bloom show, Maiden America is quite compact. This plant reaches 18 to 24 inches tall and 16 to 18 inches wide in most climates. That's a good size for a big planting in the middle of the border or in front of shrubs in the foundation. Late-season color is always appreciated, especially pinks and whites among the yellows and bronzes of autumn! Maiden America will glow like a beacon just when the garden needs a pick-me-up!

Like all Phlox, Maiden America is a heavy feeder, so give it well-enriched, well-drained garden soil with plenty of moisture all season long. It doesn't like to be too crowded, so let it breathe among other perennials in the sunny border. That said, it is quite dependable and always an over-achiever, giving you larger and more abundant blooms than you expect. You will soon find that it is one of your favorites, too. Zones 5-9.