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Mason Bee House
Create a Home for these Garden-friendly Bees!

Mason Bee House

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These beneficial bees sip from hundreds of flowers every day!

Mason bees do not sting, and pollinate even more vigorously than honeybees!
Attract mason bees into your garden by offering them the perfect place to nest and lay their eggs: this all-natural home of fir and sustainable bamboo. It hangs from the hooks and chain (provided), or rests on any flat surface. Find a spot and create a haven for one of the best pollinators any garden could be lucky enough to have!

Mason bees are small, non-stinging insects often confused with their larger cousin, the honeybee. They are very active in the garden, alighting on hundreds of flowers every day to sip nectar and, in the process, pollinate freely. They are a gardener's best friend, and you want them to take up permanent residence near your vegetable patch, perennial borders, and anywhere else you have plants requiring pollination.

The mason bee house measures 3.9 inches wide and 5.5 inches high. Hang it from a branch, pole, or other support using the chain and hooks provided, or rest it on a stable surface. The bees would prefer a location receiving morning sun but relief from the heat of the afternoon, so partial shade is best.

Made of natural materials and quite attractive, the mason bee house will add a homey touch of style to your garden as well as offering shelter to beneficial bugs. Make it part of your landscape this season. One pound.

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