Matrix® Coastal Sunrise Pansy Seeds

Matrix® Coastal Sunrise Pansy Seeds

Rich Colors on Huge, Velvety Blooms!

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Isn't this the most beautiful Pansy mix you have ever seen in your life? The colors are absolutely as rich as they appear here, simply saturated with jewel-like brightness and depth, with a satiny sheen to the petal edges that almost looks like pleating. Stunning -- especially when you consider that they reach 3 to 3½ inches wide and turn upwards rather than dangling like older varieties!

The Matrix series is a very well-branched, large-flowered Pansy intended for colder weather yet also easier than others to start in hot summers for fall production. While some varieties are grown to tolerate the warm springs and falls of the south and west, the Matrix varieties do just the opposite: they put up with icy winds and rains, falling temperatures, and all manner of Old Man Winter!Reaching about 8 inches high and 8 to 10 inches wide, they are little powerhouses that really know how to hang on through tough times.

Coastal Sunrise is a mix of three splendid Matrix® colors, all with large, velvety black faces: a deep blue, a rich ruby red, and a peach-tinged gold. The blooms appear on short stems that turn them toward the sun, so you get a color show you won't soon forget! All three colors open at the same time, last the same length of time, and are generally boon companions!

Use Coastal Sunrise in containers of all types as well as the annual garden bed. It looks terrific in flowerpots, and really shows off at eye-level in windowboxes and hayricks. In the garden, it's a great contrast in texture and form to ornamental kale and cabbage, towery spikes of snapdragons, and other cool-season beauties.

Germinate these seeds in darkness, starting them indoors in summer for fall bloom or in mid-winter for spring flowering. They prefer a bit of shade in all but the coolest climates. And you simply won't believe how long they will flower for you! Packet of 25 seeds.

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