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Mesabi™ Strawberry Plant
The Best for the Far North!

Mesabi™ Strawberry Plant

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Very disease-resistant plants set fragrant, delectable fruit in early summer.

Developed jointly by the University of Minnesota and the US Department of Agriculture.
MNUS 248. Absolutely the best June-bearing strawberry for severe-winter climates, Mesabi™ sets glossy scarlet fruit that smells as good as it tastes on highly disease-resistant, heavy-bearing plants. Developed specifically for cool-summer, rough-winter gardens, it is indispensable to strawberry lovers in the north!

The berries are bright scarlet, shiny, and medium to large, with a good mix of sugars and acids. Their aroma precedes them, a heady fragrance that makes the mouth water in anticipation of goodies to come. The creamy, firm red flesh holds well after picking, but is never tough or mealy. A fine combination of succulence and sweet juiciness!

Mesabi™ (the name is Native American, probably either Ojibway or Dakota) arose from crosses of Glooscap x MNUS 99, carried out by the University of Minnesota in conjunction with the US Department of Agriculture. The goal was improved winter hardiness with heavy yields and superior flavor on a short-day (June-bearing) habit. Obviously, Mesabi™ has exceeded expectations on all criteria!

This 6-inch-high, spreading plant is resistant to 5 strains of red stele as well as to powdery mildew, leaf scorch, and leaf spot. Suitable for garden or container, it is highly reliable, and makes a good midseason follow-up to early-fruiting Earliglow in short-day climates. Already a popular favorite, Mesabi™ is making new converts every season. Try it and discover how easy growing a big, healthy crop of berries can be, even in the far north where the growing season is short! Zones 3-8.

Genus Fragaria
Species x ananassa
Variety Mesabi™
ItemForm Pack of 25
Zone 3 - 8
BloomStartToEnd Late Spring
FruitColor Red
Habit Prostrate
PlantHeight 6 in
PlantWidth 24 in
BloomSize 1 in
AdditionalCharacteristics Berries, Bloom First Year, Easy Care Plants, Edible
BloomColor White
FoliageColor Dark Green
LightRequirements Full Sun
MoistureRequirements Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Cold Hardy, Disease Resistant, Powdery Mildew
SoilTolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Beds, Border, Containers, Cuisine, Ground Cover
Restrictions Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands
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