Includes 50 feet of poly tubing, 6 stake assemblies, 6 bonus misers, and accessories.

Micro-Sprinkler Starter Kit 50 Ft

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Irrigation Made Easy!

Give your plants the water they need without wasting a drop.
Watering your plants shouldn't be that difficult or expensive. Hand watering is tiresome, and traditional sprinklers are inefficient water-hogs. Try this simple DIY kit to set up your garden with the perfect irrigation system, easily delivering water right to the plants that need it without wasting a drop.

Targeted, timely watering will restore vigor to your plants and give your garden a new, healthy glow! This Micro-Sprinkler Starter Kit will water up to 275 square feet of landscape, including your vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and even trees, all while using a low volume of water! If you have a larger area than that to water, this kit can be easily expanded with '50 Ft. Micro-Sprinkler Add-On Kits'. Up to 5 add-on kits can work effectively with a 40 PSI hose.

Here's how it works: The ½ inch tubing attaches to your outdoor water faucet with the included, anti-leak hose fittings. Then you run the 50 feet of ½ inch poly tubing throughout your yard, connecting one of six stake assemblies at every point that you want water to sprinkle out. The Kit includes stake extensions and various micro-sprayers (320�, 180�, and 165� patterns) to let you focus your water delivery in the optimal pattern. Simply turn on your faucet to get the water flowing, and turn it off when finished. Or combine with our recommended 'Mister Timer for Micro-Sprays and Drip Irrigation' and enjoy a truly self-watering set-up!

Each stake assembly comes complete with a 10 GPH flow controller, a 13 inch green stake, an on/off valve to adjust spray distance, and a vinyl locking collar. Also includes a hole punch tool and a ½ inch coupling for attaching expansion kits. DVD included with detailed installation instructions. All contents of this Kit are proudly made in the USA.

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