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Miracle Fruit Shrub
The Amazing Berry that Acts as a Natural Sweetener!

Miracle Fruit Shrub

3 1/2-inch Pot
Item # 48661
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An easy houseplant, it fruits nearly year-round.

After eating this berry, lemons taste sweet and grapefruits need no sugar!
Miracle Fruit is here at last! This evergreen shrub from tropical West Africa has been making news for several years now as an all-natural sweetener, for a chemical in its berries temporarily suppresses the "sour" center in the tastebuds. Now you can grow it for yourself as a low-maintenance and very heavy-fruiting houseplant!

Hardy only in the tropical regions of zone 10 and above, Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) sets masses of 1-inch red fruits, oval and shaped a bit like footballs, among its glossy green leaves. It begins fruiting from a young age -- at about two feet tall -- and when grown as a houseplant, fruits year-round. (If grown outdoors, the fruit will appear primarily in summer.)

The berries have no strong flavor of their own at all, but the "miracle" occurs when anything is eaten after them. They perk up dull or bitter foods, but the real surprise is how they sweeten citrus and other highly acidic foods. Cut your sugar intake by substituting a few Miracle Fruits!

This pyramidal shrub reaches just 2 to 3 feet tall, and thrives in a highly acidic soil mixture. We have found that equal parts sphagnum peat moss and perlite works best. Place it in a bright window or take it outdoors during those times of year when the temperature remains above 60 degrees F. It grows slowly and beautifully, with inconspicuous flowers (they're tiny and brown; you won't even notice them) in addition to the profuse berries.

Miracle Fruit is a fascinating plant. Add it to your home this season, and enjoy its wonderful properties for years to come!

Genus Synsepalum
Species dulcificum
ItemForm 3 1/2-inch Pot
Zone 10 - 11
PlantHeight 24 in - 3 ft
PlantWidth 12 in - 18 in
AdditionalCharacteristics Berries, Easy Care Plants, Edible, Evergreen, Indoor Growing
FoliageColor Dark Green
LightRequirements Full Sun
MoistureRequirements Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Heat Tolerant, Humidity Tolerant
SoilTolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Containers, Cuisine, Ornamental, Specimen
Restrictions Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Texas, Virgin Islands, Guam
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Average Based on 2 Reviews Write a Review
Great little plant
Robert (Home gardener for 20 years) from TN wrote (July 14, 2012):
I bought 3 of these plants about a year ago and they are thriving. The suggested soil mix seems to be just what they need. I have them in a southeast facing window and water them once per week. I have not found them to be demanding at all. Maybe I have just been lucky.
Not easy to keep alive.
Belissima from NY wrote (January 07, 2012):
Heard miraculous properties abt the miracle berry so I got a plant. Lasted abt 6 month before it croaked. Being stubborn, I bought another one. That one died too withing 6 months. Think I'll buy berries instead of plants now.
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