Modern Sprout Bulb Kit

Modern Sprout Bulb Kit

Everything you Need to Force Your Own Bulbs!

Modern Sprout Bulb Kit
Item # v1994

Don't you miss your 'garden therapy' during the winter? Bring some life into your home with this Bulb Forcing Kit!

The forcing vase is very stylish, and is created from clear recycled glass. This is topped off with a cork. Sealed inside is a burlap sack with either an Amaryllis or Paperwhite bulb(your choice), simple instructions, and the growing medium (also made from recycled glass).

To get growing all you have to do is place the bulb on top of the growing medium, add some water, and put it in a sunny window. There's no soil to worry about, no fertilizing, and no weeding. Because the bulb has all the food it needs to bloom, you just get to sit back and watch the show!

This kit is made in the USA and sub-assembled by agencies that give help people with developmental disabilities gain vocational skills so they can become valued, productive citizens. A fantastic gift for gardeners and non-gardeners alike, this gift offers a compact and elegant source of living blooms all winter long that will brighten anyone's home! Dimensions: 8¾ inches High x 4 inches Wide x 4 inches Deep.