Put an end to the destruction caused by moles, voles and gophers

Mole and Vole Repellent (32 oz.)

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Safe for family, pets, and the environment

Covers up to 10,000 sq ft.!
Put an end to the destruction caused by moles, voles and gophers with Mole and Vole Repellent! Now you can safely and effectively put an end to the damage to your lawn, flower beds and plants. This 32 oz concentrate conveniently attaches to your garden hose and lasts up to 3 months.

The ingredients in this formulation won't harm the animals, but works by creating an undesirable environment for moles, voles, and gophers, encouraging them to go elsewhere. It safely and effectively saturates their food sources and surrounding areas, making it taste and smell unpleasant, consequently forcing them to relocate. 32 oz. hose end sprayer covers up to 10,000 sq ft.

Discovery of Damage
In most mole and vole cases, homeowners do not realize the unfortunate extent of the infestation until the damage is widespread and clearly evident. Mole damage can ruin a beautiful yard with dirt mounds, raised tunnels and patches of dying grass; all of which can lead to unsightly bald spots. Voles can literally destroy a plant overnight with their voracious appetites. The most common sign of vole damage are lopsided plants that can no longer stand upright because their roots have been completely eaten away. Equally frustrating are plants that literally disappear into a hole in the ground. It is no wonder the homeowner wants to be rid of these pests immediately!

However, treating an entire yard all at once places an extreme amount of stress on the animals, as their once familiar food source is tainted and their home turf has an irritating smell. In their frantic search for better tasting food and better smelling surroundings, they wreck even more havoc on your yard and garden. This is why we recommend moving these animals off your property one section at a time.

Effective Application
By applying the repellent in sections, you will systematically encourage the animals toward an exit point or route away from your home. Deciding on which section to treat first will depend on the size and shape of your property. We recommend treating an area of your property every week over a four week period. The method is initially a little more time-consuming, but it will be the most effective in gaining control over the mole and vole population in your yard.

Directions for Best Results:

  1. Before applying the repellant, it is important for the ground to be moist, so that the solution can optimally seep into the root-zone of your plants and work via capillary action. It is the roots that the voles eat, and it is in this root-zone that the moles burrow through when searching for insects -- you want the root-zone of your yard to be as unappealing of a place as possible for the moles and voles living there.
  2. After you have covered the first section of your property, wait 5-7 days before moving on to the next section -- this will give the animals adequate time to completely move from that area and into the adjoining section.
  3. Wait another 5-7 days after applying the repellant to the next section before moving on to the third, so on and so forth.
  4. When you have adequately completed all sections working outward and toward your exit (usually 30-45 days after your very first application), then apply the repellent to your entire property to drive out any few lingering creatures.
Periodically check the perimeter of your property for new activity or damage. If you spot any, do not hesitate to reapply to your entire yard. Continued reapplication will depend upon the surrounding mole and vole population. Keep in mind that both moles and voles are active year-round.

Important Considerations
Make sure to cover every part of your property that you want to protect from these animals, even areas that do not seem to be been infested. Apply the repellant at the first signs of damage, or preemptively if you have had problems in the past, to keep the moles and voles away before they move in. In the case with perennials, such as hostas, which are a particular favorite of voles, the best time to apply the repellant is each spring when the plants are first sprouting. It is much easier to reach the root-zone of the entire plant than when the plants have fully leafed out.

Water the product in AFTER you have applied it. This is to make sure the ingredients are carried down to the root zone. If you want to save the watering steps before and after application, consider applying the repellent during a nice steady rainfall. With diligence, proper application and the right repellent, you can finally control the moles and voles in your garden.

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