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Mortgage Lifter Grafted Tomato Plant

Pack of 3
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Grow the Crop of a Lifetime with this Grafted Tomato!

Grafted for more vigorous, disease-resistant, productive growth.
Have you tried growing grafted tomatoes yet? We have to say: we're impressed with their performance! Not only are these plants more productive, the fruit tends to be larger and the flavor richer. They are well worth a try this season!

Here's how grafting works: the top part of a Mortgage Lifter plant is attached to the root system of another, more vigorous tomato variety. We have chosen a variety that is resistant to a wide range of tomato diseases, including Fusarium Wilt races 1 and 2, Nematodes, Fusarium Crown Root Rot, Corky Root Rot, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, and Verticillium Wilt. Unbeatable protection!

When you receive your plants, you'll see the grafting site, covered with a clear plastic splint. (As the plant grows, the splint will pop off; no action required on your part!) Plant and grow your tomato like any other, with one exception: if any branches appear BELOW the graft site, prune them off, because they won't be Mortgage Lifter.

Grafted tomatoes are so vigorous and productive that many people prune them down to 2 or 3 main branches to train up a trellis or other support, but this isn't necessary as long as you have the space for the full plant. Just make sure you give the plant plenty of support, and keep it well-aerated. (If the branches become too dense in the center of the plant, do a little judicious pruning.) All our grafted tomatoes are indeterminate, meaning they continue to grow and produce all season long. So find a sturdy support and watch this plant take off!

Mortgage Lifter is one of the most famous American heirloom tomatoes. It was developed in West VIrginia in the 1930's, and it created such a stir with its giant fruit that its breeder was able to pay off the mortgage on his house in just a few years -- hence the name. These astonishing fruits weigh between 2½ and 4 pounds apiece, with a mild yet meaty flavor that pleases every palate. Besides, they're such fun to grow! Just make sure you support them well -- they literally "outweigh" all others!

We definitely recommend that you give grafted tomatoes a whirl this season. They're fascinating to grow, and the results are simply delicious! Pack of 3.

Genus 2 Lycopersicon
Species esculentum
Variety Mortgage Lifter
Item Form Pack of 3
Virtual Form Northern Zones and South 5-11 Begin Shipping 5/4/15
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