Natures Inspiration Leaf Feeder - Blue

Nature's Inspiration Leaf Feeder - Blue

The Birdfeeder that's Also Garden Art!

Item # 37818
Attract birds onto the patio, deck, or garden entertaining areas with this handsome leaf-shaped feeder. Beautiful enough to be stand-alone garden art, it is a simple tray feeder with a clever design incorporating slightly raised edges to serve as a perch and a generous base to serve as a reservoir for seed and nuts.

The iridescent blue sheen of this leaf is absolutely lovely when it catches the light, radiating copper, bronze, and silver highlights among the cobalt blue. Measuring 9 inches long and 11 inches wide, it includes detailed vein etching and raised 2-inch-high sides. Looks so natural -- only more beautiful!

Simply scatter birdseed, peanuts, dried corn, or other bird and animal treats into the base of this leaf and wait for your backyard wildlife to discover it! It will soon be the favorite dining spot for chipmunks and squirrels as well as songbirds of every kind!

By welcoming birds and other wildlife into your garden, you add color and motion to the garden display. Birds do an excellent job of gobbling insects that can harm your plants, too! Make your landscape a safe and welcoming habitat for them, beginning with gorgeous Nature's Inspiration Leaf Feeder!