One-Touch Rain Wand (Blue)

One-Touch Rain Wand (Blue)

Water the Plants, not the Pavement!

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Water all your container plants, street plantings, and other far-flung garden areas without wasting a drop of water! One-touch Rain Wand is the hose attachment you've been looking for: it's easy to use, very efficient, and durable. You will love its light weight feel and ultra-strong performance!

This wand is 16 inches long, and screws easily into any standard hose. The wand is a brilliant cobalt-blue, easy to see in the garden. And the round nozzle is 2¼ inches in diameter, with multiple holes for a fine, steady spray.

Best of all, the on-off valve is a large, thumb-driven switch. Unlike wands that you have to continuously squeeze to keep the water flowing, the Rain Wand simply flicks on or off with the touch of a thumb! This makes it much easier to use, and lets you put it down to do quick chores in the garden. No more trying to juggle a squeeze wand while clearing debris from the annual bed or deadheading the hanging baskets!

Made in the USA, this Rain Wand comes with a lifetime guarantee. You will find the rubber grip comfortable and ergonomic, the aluminum frame lightweight yet durable, and the on-off switch the easiest you have ever used. Stop watering areas that don't need it -- conserve water and direct more spray onto the soil around your plants with One-touch Rain Wand! 1 pound.