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Organic Blood Meal (3-lb. bag)
A Natural Source of Nitrogen (an Essential for Healthy Plants!)

Organic Blood Meal (3-lb. bag)

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Huge yields on healthy plants with NO artificial chemicals or sprays!

Gives plants the boost they need to grow green and strong
Winchester Gardens Select Organics® Blood Meal is a natural source of organic nitrogen, which is essential to healthy plant growth and is required by most plants. This high-quality organic nitrogen supplement will give your vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other types of plants the boost they need to grow green and strong.

  • Organic nitrogen supplement
  • Ideal for flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other types of plants
  • 3 lb. package
  • Includes spoon

  1. Apply 1 tablespoon of Blood Meal per 2 square feet of area, or 1 cup per 30 square feet of area.
  2. Spread evenly around plants. Avoid concentration around the trunk or crown.
  3. Blend into the top layer of soil. Mix to a 1-3 inch depth.
  4. Water immediately after feeding.
  5. Best used at the time of planting or early in the season. Repeat every 6-8 weeks or as necessary.
Item Form Accessories
Size 3 lb bag
Additional Characteristics Fertilizer, Soil Amendments
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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