Organic Grow Pillow™

Organic Grow Pillow™

All You Add is Your Plant and Water!

Item # 30944
Well, here's an idea we all should have had years ago -- an all-organic container made from a burlap sack, shredded coconut fiber, and a little perlite, earthworm castings, and nutrients! Everything in the Grow Pillow™ is 100% organic and biodegradable, and it fits anywhere you've got a few inches of space. Best of all, the only things you add are water and your plant!

The Grow Pillow™ is a completely self-contained growing kit. Open the burlap bag and you see individual packets of coir (shredded coconut shell fiber), natural perlite, earthworm castings, and an exclusive organic nutrient mix. There's also a clear mixing bag, into which you empty the coir and the perlite. Add one gallon of water and squeeze, as if you're kneading bread. Then add the earthworm castings and the nutrient mix, and shake it up a bit. Pour the whole shebang into the burlap sack, and you're done -- ready to plant!

Not only is the burlap sack adjustable as to size and shape, its open-weave construction also lets air circulate around your plant's roots, enhancing growth. Set it anywhere, move it at will, and when you're done, re-use or toss onto the compost pile. Gardening just doesn't get any easier than this!

Grow Pillow™ is ideal for container tomatoes and other patio vegetables, annuals, perennials, and herbs. The coir expands to 4 times its original size, creating 3 gallons of grow mix when the water is added. That's plenty of root room even for larger plants!

And this self-contained kit makes an excellent gift for young and new gardeners, who might not have all the equipment on hand to pot up a gift plant. Everything here is a renewable resource, so it's completely earth-friendly. At last, a garden gift you can feel great about!

Have fun with your plants in the Grow Pillow™, and send us pictures of how they grew (and where you placed the Pillow!). It is a Park Exclusive for 2014, so you will be among the very first to show off this exciting new product. 3 lbs.