Pacific Blue Planter - 8-inch

Pacific Blue Planter - 8-inch

Self-waters for Weeks and Weeks!

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What a great way to get started with growing in containers -- or to fill those containers with plants when you live in a baking-hot summer climate that melts out even the most fearless varieties! These durable and attractive textured pots from WaterWell are the thirsty plant's best friend, being fully 2/3 filled with a reservoir of water!

The principle behind this self-watering planter is a sound one. Instead of a small reservoir and lots of soil, WaterWell realized that what thirsty summer plants need is lots of water and not much soil. So they created the soil tray, filled it with potting soil to receive your plants, and set it on top of a huge reservoir of water. (There is an overflow drainhole just in case it rains for days and the reservoir fills up. The plant will never be overwatered!)

The plant waters itself through a wicking system that prevents under- or over-watering. A filter prevents soil from escaping into the reservoir, and keeps water from flooding the base of the soil tray. So simple, so effective -- and with no attention from you beyond occasionally refilling the reservoir when there has been no rainfall! Now you are free to enjoy your summer without constantly lining up neighbors to go water your container plants while you're away!

This Pacific Blue container is a textured resin compound in cooling shades of sea blue. Find th perfect plant or group of plants to show off in it, and have fun using the super-easy, carefree WaterWell system!