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A $43.90 Value! Grow Rich, Tangy-sweet New Zealand Kiwis with this Fruiting Pair!

Pair of Kiwi Fruiting Plants

Trade Gallon
Item # 42194

Loads of yummy fruit in fall!

1 plant each of Kiwi Hayward (female) and a male pollinator.
Grow your own exotic Kiwi -- easily! This New Zealand native fruit is famous for its rich, tangy flavor, something of a combination of strawberry and pineapple. It's very high in Vitamin C, and the plants are very well-adapted to U.S. climates, with no major pests or diseases!

To get you started, in this collection you get 2 plants: 1 of the female variety Hayward, plus 1 male pollinator. This male will pollinate up to 8 female Kiwi plants, so feel free to expand your "orchard" without planting extra males. We have the feeling that once you taste your first crop, you're going to want to grow plenty more!

This collection is a $43.90 Value!

Hardy from zones 7 to 9 everywhere except the West Coast, where it extends into zone 10

Item Form Trade Gallon
Zone 7 - 10
Additional Characteristics Edible
Uses Outdoor
Restrictions Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
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