Palco Hybrid Spinach Seed Tape

Palco Hybrid Spinach Seed Tape

Great for Any Climate -- and So Easy to Sow and Grow!

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Here's the spinach you want for any climate, any season, and just about any use! Adaptable, quick, and very disease-resistant, Palco Hybrid is out to become your spinach of choice, season after season! Easy to sow and grow in our biodegradable seed tapes, it's a terrific choice no matter where you live or what the weather chooses to do!

Ready in a flash, Palco can be picked early for baby greens or allowed to grow out. If you go out of town or become overwhelmed with fresh veggies, leave it be -- it's quite bolt-resistant. And if you live in a warm climate, it's a great choice to overwinter!

Palco sets smooth mid-green leaves with the traditional rounded, spoon-like shape. The yields are good, probably because this spinach demonstrates excellent resistance to 8 races of downy mildew: 1-5, 8, 9, and 11. No need to worry about rain, humidity, or crowding with Palco!

We highly recommend this spinach for spring or fall crops. It's a good container choice, and fares especially well in the crowded vegetable garden. You're going to love the fresh flavor!

Have you tried seed tapes yet? We are in love with how easy and neat they make vegetable gardening. They are long, biodegradable tissue strips with the seeds embedded (evenly spaced) within them. Just smooth the soil, lay the tapes down (cutting to any desired size or pattern) and sprinkle a bit more soil on top. Then water them in. The tape protects the seeds from washing away in heavy rains or being eaten by birds. And as the seedlings sprout, the tape dissolves! So easy, so successful!

This package contains 15 feet of seed tape.