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Papillio Amaryllis Bulb
One of the most sought-after Ams in the world!

Papillio Amaryllis Bulb

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So easy and so rewarding!

A rare "pin-striped" Amaryllis with orchid-shaped blooms that get bigger and better every year.
Native to the rainforests of Brazil, this very rare Amaryllis is among the most distinctive and highly sought varieties in the world. Commonly known as the "butterfly Amaryllis" ("Papillio" is French for "butterfly"), this species is revered for its orchid-like blooms, with hypnotic rosy "eyes" drawing you in to stare at the creamy green petals, each elegantly pinstriped from base to tip with burgundy streaks. The two dominant petals are not unlike a butterfly?s wings!

Like most Amaryllis, Papillio is a temperennial, meaning that it is perennial only in the warmest climates. In Zones 9, 10, and 11 this Amaryllis will thrive planted right in the garden, blooming in mid spring. But for most of the US it is not cold hardy and should be grown in a container.

On the patio, enjoy Papillio's bloom show outdoors, then when evening temperatures start to dip in the fall, bring it indoors to go through its dormancy. Keep it in a cool, dark, and dry place until next spring when all threat of frost has passed.

Alternately, you can keep Papillio indoors all year as a houseplant, which has the advantage that it allows you to force its bloomtime, producing exquisite tropical flowers through the dead of winter! To achieve this, put the plant in a south-facing window around October and begin watering it. The bloom show will dazzle you over the winter months. After the blooms are spent, the foliage will continue to gather energy for next year. Wait until the leaves naturally "flop", which means the plant is going dormant, then trim back the foliage and stow away the bulb until next Fall! Zones 9 to 11. Bulb size is 24/26.

Note: Amaryllis are toxic if ingested, so keep pets and children away from them.

ItemForm Bulb
Zone 9 - 11
Additional Characteristics Amarylis Gifts, Bulb Gifts, Decorative Plants
BloomColor Cream, Light Brown, White
Occasion All Occasion, Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday Gifts
Recipient Child, Coworker, Father, For Her, For Him, Gifts for Gardeners, Graduate, Grandparent, Host/Hostess, Mother, Teacher
Restrictions Hawaii, Canada, Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
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