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Grow Big, Healthy Seedlings Every Time with Park-Starts®. Growth Cylinders!

Park-Starts® Replacement Peat Cylinders®

Pack of 108
Item # 09660-PK-108
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This growth medium is pasteurized, disease-free peat moss with a non-crumbling binder!

These are replacement cylinders for use with the Park-Starts® Seed Starting kit.
Time to start another great crop with Park-Starts®! These replacement cylinders are used just like your original Park-Starts® starting kit -- just soak them in lukewarm water for a few minutes, drop a seed or two into the pre-formed hole at the top of the cylinder, and slide the cylinder (hole-side up!) into the polystyrene planting block!

Composed of pasteurized, disease-free peat moss held together with a flexible binder that holds several times its weight in water, these cylinders are the easiest, most successful way we know to germinate seeds and grow healthy seedlings. The bottom-watering tray encourages the roots to grow straight down, so that by the time you're ready to transplant the seedling, it's got one or more strong roots dangling from the bottom of the cylinder, ready to establish in your garden or container! Use Park-Starts® cylinders even for difficult-to-transplant flowers and vegetables -- they keep even small roots secure, so you can transplant much sooner than otherwise possible, with minimal disruption to the growing plant!

Select your replacement package in multiples of 108 (enough to fill 6 Park-Starts planting blocks).

Item Form Pack of 108
Size Refills (Pack of 108)
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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My favorite Aerogarden accessory
Ginger (gisette) from CT wrote (July 12, 2013):
These work beautifully for starting seeds. And, the sponges fit in Aerogarden pod baskets. I use the blocks for starting transplants for soil, and to just pop out of the block and into the Aerogarden. That allows me to overlap grows.
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