Raise Garden Temperatures by 4 Degrees with a Flick of the Wrist!

Park's 35ft x 35ft Plant Frost Protector Fabric

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Start spring crops earlier and keep fall crops growing longer!

This porous fabric lightly rests atop your plants, letting sun and rain in while protecting from frosts and keeping the temperature just a few degrees warmer!
Start your spring crops a little sooner -- or let your fall crops harvest a bit longer -- with Park's Plant Protector, the economical, super-easy solution to unseasonable frosts. This porous plant cover lets the sun and rain through while maintaining an interior temperature about 3 or 4 degrees higher than that outside!

Light enough to cover most any crops with no support, it can also be stretched across support hoops. Just cut it to the size you need (or roll up the excess) and reuse many, many times! Perfect for direct-sown crops, too, to prevent seeds washing away or being eaten by birds. It even works on fruiting crops, to keep pests away from your crops during those last crucial ripening stages!

Made of ultra-durable, continuous filament non-woven polypropylene, this white fabric is 35 feet long and wide.

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35ft x 35ft
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