Parks Anti-Bird Net

Park's Anti-Bird Net

Protect Your Crops from Nibbling Critters!

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14 x 45 ft
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14 x 75 ft
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Ground Anchors
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Protect your vegetables and fruits from the destructive munching of birds and small animals with this feather-light mesh. Simply drape it over the plants -- including trees and shrubs -- to inhibit deer from eating, or wrap it around the canes of berry bushes, spread it across the strawberry patch, or over trailing vines. Then fasten the net securely to the ground using our Galvanized Ground Anchors or heavy rocks, planting stakes, etc.

Harmless to animals, long-lasting, and mildew-resistant, the 3/4-inch mesh black polypropylene can be cut to any size. It washes clean and folds for easy, compact storage. A non-chemical, quick and easy way to preserve your harvest from nibbling critters! 5 sizes available; ground anchors sold separately (see order box).