Parks Beauty Blend Radish Seed Tape

Park's Beauty Blend Radish Seed Tape

A Quintet of Colors in Easy-Sow Seed Tape!

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22 to 32 days.

Radishes are coming into their own at last on American tables, and that's great news for gardeners! No vegetable is quicker to grow, and with easy-to-sow seed tape, you can sow straight rows and pretty designs in seconds in the vegetable patch or parterre! This mix contains 5 different varieties of radish, from an heirloom yellow to an exciting purple. Easy to sow, easy to grow, and delicious for that peppery-crisp bite!

Park's Beauty Blend contains the following varieties:

1. A round, scarlet beauty, ¾ inches in diameter and packed with a spicy, crisp bite. Ready in just over 3 weeks from sowing the seed, it's always the brightest thing on the plate!

2. A rich purple beauty, 1½ inches in diameter and rounded, with a mellow flavor. Harvests 4 weeks from sowing.

3. A pastel-pink variety, round and smooth, about 1½ inches in diameter. Strong green tops complement the delicious roots. Ready in just under 4 weeks.

4. A pure white, round radish with 1¾-inch-diameter globes on vigorous plants. Best harvested at about 30 days.

5. A bright yellow heirloom variety, somewhat oblong, ready in just 3 weeks or so and very strongly flavored.

These seeds are mixed in random order and evenly spaced between sheets of biodegradable tissue paper, so you simply lay the tape onto the smooth soil, cover with a little more soil, and water in. Done -- in seconds!

Seed tapes are the easiest and most successful way we know to direct-sow seeds. Not only do they make sowing straight rows and patterns a breeze, but they also help keep the seeds from washing away in strong rains or being eaten by birds. Just cut the tape to desired length, and off you go!

Site the tapes in full sun and well-drained, well-worked soil (so the radishes grow round and true). You'll be harvesting in no time! 15 feet of seed tape.