Clamps onto any stake and stays put all season!

Park's Black Growin' Spiral

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Grow More Tomatoes in Less Space -- without Cages!

Endlessly reusable, it's great for peppers and any other vining plant, too!
A Park Exclusive!

Grow big tomato and pepper crops without fooling with cages and ties! Our Growin' Spiral clamps onto any stake and stays put all season, then collapses flat for storage and reuse for countless seasons to come. The spiral shape supports plants naturally without tying or staking, and the slender shape of this support makes it useful for large containers as well as the garden. You can support all your vining plants with Park's Growin' Spiral!

Adjustable and very sturdy, Park's Growin' Spiral extends as much as 7 feet long, with a base width is 15 to 18 inches, coiling slightly narrower toward the top to mimic the growth pattern of many vining plants. It offers plenty of support for side-shoots and heavy fruit or vegetable crops. And the pointed anchor peg is easy to sink deep into the soil to provide sturdy support!

Made of sturdy polypropylene, this support features an adjustable clamp at the top. Simply fix it onto any stake in seconds! No more worrying about winds, freak storms, or even heavy loads of fruit causing your supports to buckle or topple! Park's Growin' Spiral stays firm.

At season's end, simply unclamp the spiral from the stake, pull the ground anchor out of the soil, and flip the coil upside-down. It will instantly collapse into a flat package, ready for storage until next season! You will use this handy support for decades, saving space in the garden and considerable time and trouble for yourself! Highly recommended for all vining plants.

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