Parks Intense Light Tabletop System

Park's Intense Light Tabletop System

A Mini Version of the Bestselling Light Stand!

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Start seeds, root cuttings, and overwinter plants anywhere indoors with this completely customized tabletop lighting system! Developed in response to our customers' requests for a portable version of the bestselling Park's Intense Light Grow Shelves, this tabletop unit is every bit as durable and effective as the multi-tiered light stand, but in an affordable, compact package!

Park's Intense Light Tabletop System brings healthy full-spectrum plant light into your home. This is the light closest to sunlight (4100 color temperature), and it makes starting your graen indoors from seed an absolute snap! It's also ideal for overwintering tender plants and growing tropicals indoors year-round. Each of the four 32-watt, T8 light bulbs offers 3150 lumens, far more effective for plant growth than either winter sunlight or household bulbs (including fluorescents)! This is the perfect grow light, and it comes on an adjustable stand so that you can position it the ideal distance from your seedlings and full-sized plants.

This tabletop light measures 49 inches long and stands a maximum of 29 ⅜ inches high. It is 22 3/4 inches deep. This means that you can position up to 5 Bio Domes beneath its lights, or several seed flats! Constructed of heavy-duty enameled brown aluminum, the frame is durable yet lightweight enough to easily move. Light bulbs are included, and the unit plugs into any ordinary household outlet.

Easy to assemble and sturdy enough to last a lifetime, this plant light enables you to gain many weeks of growing time every year, and to overwinter plants you might otherwise have to replace at season's end. Rooting your geranium, begonia, and other cuttings with the Intense Light system is a snap, too! You'll always have something growing under these lights!