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The Biggest Yet -- it Could Only Be a Whopper!
v1802.jpgPark's Original Bio Dome with 18 Whopper CellsPark's Original Bio Dome with 18 Whopper Cells

Park's Original Bio Dome with 18 Whopper Cells

18-Cell Original
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Perfect for rooting cuttings and starting larger seeds!

Giant 3-inch-long, 1 3/4-inch-wide cells grow huge, healthy plants!

A Park Seed Exclusive!

Love the Bio Dome but need larger individual growing cells? This new 18-cell dome was created just for you! The same size dome as our original 60-cell and 40-cell versions, this dome contains a planting block with 18 huge cells, each ready to hold extra-large seed, cuttings to be rooted, or bigger, more mature seedlings!

If you're new to using the Bio Dome, let us sing the praises of this, our most POPULAR PRODUCT OF ALL TIME. Customers love it, and even experienced seed starters like us, who have been dropping Marigold seeds into the soil since pre-school, have come to make the Bio Dome the ONLY SEED STARTING SYSTEM WE NEED. Here's why:

1. Climate control. You can remove the clear vent as the plants grow, but at first, especially if you're starting seeds in late winter, it's a real boost of warmth and humidity! And the two adjustable vents at the top make sure that your plants get good air circulation at all times.

2. Incredible rooting medium. In each hole of the polystyrene planting tray is what we call a "bio sponge," a pre-formed plug of sterile medium with a hole already drilled in the top. The bio sponge is simply the best way we've ever found to reliably germinate and grow on seeds. We plant 1 -- ONLY ONE -- seed in each bio sponge, even for difficult-to-germ varieties, and they nearly always sprout. (The only seeds you don't want to grow in the Bio Dome are those of root vegetables like carrots, beets, and radishes -- they need more space to grow their tuber than the bio sponge allows.) In all our years, we've just never had results like this from any other seed-starting medium, and we've tried them all twice. The bio sponge offers the perfect blend of aeration and moisture to help seeds of all kinds grow and cuttings to root!

3. Bottom watering. You water the base of this tray, NOT the bio sponges themselves. Put enough lukewarm water into the base so that the polystyrene tray floats. The bio sponges will wick up just the water they need. And as your plants grow, their roots will go down and out, instead of spiraling or fanning out near the surface as you often see with top-watered seedlings. It's impossible to over-water the Bio Dome!

4. Root strength. This goes along with #3 -- these seedlings form LOTS of roots and grow them straight down and out, so that when it comes time to transplant the seedling, you can see roots sticking out all over the sides and bottom of the bio sponge!

5. Ease of transplant. None of this business of transplanting the plug into a pot and then transplanting the plant out of the pot and into the soil! When you start your seeds in the Bio Dome, they can be transplanted straight into their final home. The bio sponge holds together, but the roots fan out easily beyond the sponge and into the garden or container soil.

This Whopper version of the Bio Dome is great for all kinds of seeds, plus cuttings you want to root. Refills of the bio sponges and the polystyrene block are available (though unless you step on it or something, the polystyrene block will probably never wear out! It's pretty tough). Starting the Bio Dome is mess-free, easy, and so economical. Whether you want to start your entire garden indoors at winter's end or you just have to root your favorite Geranium at season's end, rely on the Bio Dome! You'll be glad you did -- we stake our good name on it! The base measures 14 7/8" long x 9 1/2" wide x 2 1/4" high, while the clear top measures 14 7/8" long x 9 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" high. Whopper planting cells are 1 3/4" wide x 3" deep.

Additional Characteristics Seed Starting, Seedling Protection
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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So easy.
Dale from PA wrote (April 07, 2014):
This thing is working like a charm. So confident and easy. Will be ordering more sponges. Maybe another dome as well.
18 cell bio dome
Uncle Dave from KY wrote (April 03, 2014):
Bought three total so I could grow my own transplants and was very excited with my success. Grew tomatoes, chard, lettuce, onions(60 cell dome), and an assortment of herbs. My germination rate was unreal! Very easy to grow and very easy to transplant-strong and vigorous plants. Follow the directions and enjoy.
So easy - so neat and so clean!
Sharon from MO wrote (April 02, 2014):
Last night I planted seeds in my new bio dome seed starters! I just loved how easy and neat it was! No mess to clean up. Cut my work and prep time to a third! Very excited to order the planting medium to start seeds for fall crops since this is reusable!
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