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Parks Season Starter Hybrid Tomato Plant
Grow the Earliest Tomato in the Neighborhood!

Park's Season Starter Hybrid Tomato Plant

Pack of 6
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Good holding ability -- no cracking or bursting!

Great for northern climates and short growing seasons.
60 days from setting out transplants. F1VT. Determinate. Always grow the first tomato on the block with this super-fast determinate variety! It sets huge yields of juicy-sweet 6-ounce fruits -- and they taste as good as they look!

Park's Season Starter lets you begin Tomato harvesting just a bit sooner than others. The compact plant is very heavy-bearing, so expect a full harvest of delectable fruit. Resistant to cracking, they hold on the plant very well after ripening. If you like to put up tomatoes, this is a great choice, because you can harvest it all at once, and have masses of uniform, succulent, tangy tomatoes for canning.

Resistant to fusarium race 1, verticillium wilt, and tobacco mosaic virus, Park's Season Starter is a good choice for new gardeners. It grows quickly and well, and its compact habit means less tying and staking. The season is over just 2 months or so from transplanting the seedlings into the garden -- and what a glorious season it is! You can sow these seeds at 2- or 3-week intervals if you want successive harvests all summer long, too.

A great choice for northern climates, where the growing season is short, Park's Season Starter is also a good "last minute" tomato -- sow it and harvest it quickly if the season has gotten away from you! This delicious variety brings the joy of big harvests to any garden!

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Genus 2 Lycopersicon
Species esculentum
Variety Park's Season Starter Hybrid
Item Form Pack of 6
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