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Contains a Bio Dome, seedling food, and packets of tomato, pepper, cucumber, bean, squash, and lettuce seeds.

Park's Ultimate Vegetable Garden Collection

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Everything You Need to Start Your Veggie Garden!

New to gardening? Great! This kit is exactly what you need!
Whether you're just beginning your first veggie garden or helping someone else to discover the joy of growing one's vegetables in the backyard, Park's Ultimate Vegetable Garden Collection is the easiest and most economical way we know to get off to a great start! In this kit you'll find everything you need to start seedlings of 6 of the most popular home vegetables. From there it's just a matter of soil, water, and sunlight until you have delicious crops, ready to eat!

The key to successful seed-starting, particularly for beginners (but used by all the old hands here at Park, too!), is Park's amazing Bio Dome. There are dozens of seed-starters out there, but the Bio Dome is the tried-and-true favorite for big, perfect, healthy seedlings every time. And you can re-use it endlessly by purchasing refill bio sponges for every new crop.

Using the Bio Dome is a snap -- in fact, it's so easy that it's perfect for children and those with accessibility or mobility issues. Just soak the bio sponges for a few minutes, then pop them into the planting block. Place one seed in the pre-drilled hole in each sponge, pour a little water into the green base tray, and cover with the clear plastic dome. Now all you have to do is wait 'til the seedlings emerge!

Now, you'll want to time your spring crops. Lettuce is the first, maturing quickly and content in the cooler weather of mid-spring. And lettuce seeds don't even need to go into the Bio Dome -- you can plant them directly in the garden or in your favorite containers, if you prefer. You've got a packet of Summer Glory Blend, our most popular mix, which contains 7 types of lettuces, including butterheads, crispheads, looseleafs, and Romaines. Pick the leaves as you need them, one by one, or harvest the heads whole. You'll love this mix, and it will keep bearing for many weeks!

Now, this collection also gives you one packet each of beans and squash. The bean is a bush variety, the sensational new Prevail. This is such a heavy bearing variety that in our trial gardens, we had to pick it 6 times in a single season! Its seeds are too big and grow too fast to go in the Bio Dome. Wait until the soil has warmed up in spring and there is no more chance of frost, and plant the seeds directly into the garden. Do the same with Squash Contender, a fast-growing zucchini you're going to love. Both of these veggies grow like crazy with nothing but water and sunshine!

So in the Bio Dome, you'll want to start your tomato, pepper, and cucumber seeds. You have 1 packet each of Tomato Park's Whopper, our classic beefsteak with unbeatable disease resistance and a long season of productivity; Bell Pepper Karma, our customers' all-time favorite for big, sweet, crunchy bells; and Cucumber Park's All-Season Burpless, a vigorous vining type that sets big cukes like crazy just a few weeks after sowing the seed.

Here 's how to sow seed in the Bio Dome: there are 60 planting cells, so plenty of room for all 3 crops! Start the pepper and tomato seeds at the same time -- about 5 to 7 weeks before the last scheduled spring frost in your area. A few weeks later, begin the cukes. After you see the first seedlings appear, feed them by watering the base of the tray with a solution of tap water and our special seedling food. They'll really take off!

When the seedlings have at least 2 sets of true leaves (the first 2 "leaves" are actually cotyledons and will wither and fall off; don't be alarmed!), they're ready to be transplanted into your garden. But don't go by the calendar -- use the weather forecast and your own good judgment! You'll want to wait until all trace of frost is past. Then you can plant the veggies in their new home and begin the exciting process of watching them grow, flower, and finally set fruit!

Vegetable garden is easy, fun, and so rewarding. Share the gift of homegrown goodness with someone special! Give Park's Ultimate Vegetable Garden Collection, and make gardening a joint project!

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Bio Dome Instructions

Remove the Bio Dome Styrofoam blocks from the plastic wrap, keeping upright so that the plugs do not fall out. The plugs are ready to sow as they are!

For most seed types, place seeds into the pre-dibbled hole at the top of each plug. Tiny seeds that need light to germinate should be sown on the surface of the plug, not in the hole. Seeds do not need covering in the Bio Dome plugs. Each plug provides the optimum environment for germination.

Place the germination units in a favorable location as indicated on the seed packet.

To moisten the plugs it is best to soak them from the bottom. This can easily be done by putting water into the under trays provided and floating the Styrofoam blocks. It is not possible to over-water by this method.


Place the dome on the Bio Dome to maintain the humidity around the planted plugs. Keep moist until the seedlings emerge. Because of their composition, the plugs retain just the right amount of water. Less frequent watering may be needed and there is no danger of overwatering as with some other germination methods.

When you see that germination has started, open the vents on the Bio Dome. After the seedlings have emerged, remove the dome and provide more light. Use a grow light kept 1”-3” above the plants as they grow. This will prevent the seedlings from stretching and producing a weak plant. Brighter light will help keep the seedlings short and stout. Water as often as needed to keep the plugs moist.


Once the seedlings have developed their first set of true leaves, mix a weak fertilizer solution, following directions on the free fertilizer packet included with your Park's Bio Dome Seed Starter shipment. Water with this solution, instead of plain water; until the next set of true leaves develop. You can increase the concentration of the fertilizer solution once the second set of true leaves develop.

When the second true leaves appear the seedlings are strong enough to be transplanted. Transplant your seedlings, plug and all. To remove the plug from the block, poke out from the bottom and plant them where the plants are to grow.

If weather or timing delays your transplanting, often the roots will emerge from the bottom of the plugs. Prop up the blocks to allow some air space beneath them, until you are able to transplant but don't allow the plugs to dry. This builds a stronger root system within the plug.

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